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Kuuch Distilled

Since 1995, we've had the pleasure of sharing with the world our carefully crafted alcoholic beverages, the same way they have been made for centuries, using the finest local ingredients.

Our history begins with our commitment to our roots and our culture, stemming from our Mayan heritage and the traditions established during the 300 years of the Spanish occupation of the Yucatán.  This is why our symbol is represented by a Mayan figure.

In 1998, we were formally established as Alfonso Arcila y Cia (Alfonso Arcila and Co.) in Kanasin, Yucatan, and we started making our first drink, "Emiliano" rum, a product that would allow us to introduce ourselves to the market, and which we had worked hard at perfecting for several years.

Since then, we have broadened our drink catalog as much as we have our commercial boundaries, developing projects to introduce our brands to international markets, such as the American, British, and soon Japanese and Middle Eastern markets.

To this day, we strive to honor our brand (Kuuch, which is Mayan for "responsibility") with every bottle that leaves our distillery, making sure that its contents are made with the highest quality standards, which has allowed us to operate with the backing of several acknowledgements and certifications.

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